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Why are tool manufactures stuck on brushed motors?

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  • Why are tool manufactures stuck on brushed motors?

    I have always wondered why tool manufactures still keep using the same brushed motors. The brushless motor revolution is taking the radio control world by storm. Airplanes are flying over 200 mph, and electric cars are approaching 100 mph on race ovals. I know brushless motors cost more, but they would never wear out. Brushless motors combined with the newest batteries out(Li-Poly) would allow your cordless tool to last a long time on a single charge because brushless motors are over 90% effecient. I believe manufactures are somewhat holding back.

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    I wonder if it is a size issue but I agree with the power and efficiency.
    BTW 100 MPH is old news, have you seen this 230 MPH model?


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      I have not seen that car before, but it definitely rocks. Imagine traveling that fast and all you here is wind noise. If they ever start production, I would buy one. Looks much better than that discontinued GM EV1 car.


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        The fest tool company has brushless motors in some of there cordless drills. so i guess size is not an issue.
        A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!