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3pc. Air Kit Deal

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  • 3pc. Air Kit Deal

    I just purchased a 3pc. Ridgid finish nailer, brad nailer, 9.6V pivoting impact screwdriver with carrying bag for $118.95 at my local HD. It was brand new never opened. The finish nailer is $179 alone and the kit normally sold for $279, on sale for $249. They had several a couple of days ago but probably gone by now.

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    I saw that deal and it was tempting, but I've got 8 or 9 nailers already...


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      I also saw this deal at my local Home Depot. There was only one left, but I though about it too long. The kit was gone by the time I went back to get it. Good deals don't last! I visited three other stores in the area the following day and had the inventory checked at two additional stores, but didn't find any.

      If someone sees that their store still has some of these kits left, let me know the store location or number. I'd be willing to give them a call to see if I could purchase it and have it transferred to my store. Thanks.
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        ridgid air kit deal

        Happy New Year Everyone,

        My HD is out of the 3 pc air kit finish and brad nailer and screw driver, when I asked the manager when more was coming in, he told me that this is a clearance item and that they're not getting anymore because Ridgid is soon introducing some new versions of their air tools. Has anyone heard of this?


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          It was hard to resist, but I passed on the one left at the Frankfort, IL Home Depot. So all you SW Chicago suburbanites looking for one I just wish they had the 4 piece 24v LiIon kits left



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            I got this kit for $118 too. Also got the twinstack oil lube compressor for $249. I just love it when HD blows stuff out.
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              I found another one of these kits the other day down around New Orleans, but to my surprise the price had been increased to $198, so I did not get it. The kit is still a good deal because the individual tools separate prices total $320+. I double checked with my local Home Depot that evening - they did not have the kit, but checked the computer, and the price had indeed increased to $198. I'm not sure what the kit had originally sold for. I would have purchased it at the lower price, but probably wouldn't use it enough to justify the higher price.

              There were several other Ridgid Combo Kits (18v hammer drill and saw (circular, jig, or reciprocating) that are also clearance items that had increased in price. These kits were originally $249, had been marked down to $137.40, and are now back up to $229.

              The 9.6v Ridgid driver has also increased in price, up to $89 from the $59 that it was at about a week or so ago.
              Acts 16:31


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                unfortunately, the sales ended on January 1st.
                Baseball is wrong - man with four balls cannot walk.