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Ridgid Drywall Screw Gun 2/$99

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  • Ridgid Drywall Screw Gun 2/$99

    So I decided to stop by HD today and check out their deals. I've been looking for a deck/drywall screw gun for a while and noticed tucked back in the shelves were 2 - Promotional 2 pack Ridgid Drywall screw guns for $99. Normally one of these retails for $84. These 2 pack were 2 single boxed guns taped together with a big orange sticker detailing that it was a $99 promo. For those of you who are looking for two for almost the price of one go at it. I only need one, but for another $15 what the heck.
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    Re: Ridgid Drywall Screw Gun 2/$99

    What are yur experiences with this screwgun?? I seeem to be having trouble with the clutch- inconsistent disengage what about others??? I really appreciate the long cord... Good idea!!!