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45% router tables, router lifts, incra etc at amazon

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  • 45% router tables, router lifts, incra etc at amazon

    hi guys, just wanted to pass along this FANTASTIC deal at amazon..not sure how much longer it will last. the best way to understand it is to simply read this post from another site because thats how i found out and understood how it worked

    the basic premise though is buy a power tool and get a router accessory for 25% off plus another 20% is applied to that accessory automatically as well. anyhow... what makes this such a amazing deal is that you buy a cheap power tool and then a very expensive router accessory..for example

    i purchased a $15.85 dremel engraver as my power tool with free shipping and then for my accessory i got the Incra LS25WFNCSYS 25" Range Positioner with Split Router Table Fence Super System ..(this is the one with the wonder fence and all the accessories) look here ---> $399.00
    anyhow total order came out to be $227.00 shipped!

    and thats not all..i also got a jessem router lift for close to half price..actually bought another incra ls 25" for a friend and got a bench dog iron table...all close to half price. each time though you have to do a seperate order and order a power tool like the $24 gmc sander...

    as of sat night the deal was still going but some items had been removed and some things had changed..for could not use the dremel engraver when i did my last instead i used the gmc sander which si like $24 as my power tool. also with the router lifts the only ones you can do this deal with now i think is the one for the makita 1101. there are still lots of router tables though from high end brands that apply..just go to amazon..then home improvement then find power tool accessories and then router accessories and when you click on a item scroll down abit and at the top it should have in bold product promotions and it MUST include the bit about coupon code BIT20OFF..some will just say 20% and those wont work so move on...anyhow sorry for such a long post but hope this helps someone out there

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    Re: 45% router tables, router lifts, incra etc at amazon

    as of monday night this deal is still going....many of the inexpensive power tools people were using such as the gmc sander or dremel engraver no longer work but i found another one that is cheap that does...Black & Decker AS600 6-Volt Alkaline Battery Cordless Screwdriver
    $14.44 ..just search for it and add to cart. note total discounts will not be shown until you put both items ..power tool + router accessory in card and procced to checkout..then it will show your total. i just bought my third incra ls positioner (for brother in law)with wonderfence and all accessories..for $225.62 shipped with the b&d screwdriver. the wonderfence alone cost more than that from any of the major sites.

    here are some other really really big ticket items that i have either bought or noticed you may want to look at...each you can basicly take 45% off the price :Bench Dog 40-031 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension for a Table Saw includes fence and Insert Plate $308.00

    Incra LS17WFNCSYS 17-Inch Range LS Super System $399.99

    Incra LS17WFNCSYS 25-Inch Range LS Super System $383.96 (not sure why the 25 is cheaper..same setup just longer..cost more at most online stores..go figure.

    Rousseau 3510 Complete Router Table $313.95

    jessEm 05626 Milwaukee 3.5 Max HP EVS Rout-R-Table Motor with Remote Power and Variable Speed $489.00

    Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table $209.95
    Bench Dog 40-088

    50" ProBench Top For Use With 40-089 ProBench Cabinet--> only the workbench top but bottom $359.99

    hope this helps someone on the fourm!