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where are ridgid tools hiding in canada eh?

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  • where are ridgid tools hiding in canada eh?

    .... ok so as the title says , I am lookong to buy a ridgid jointer 6" since its my birthday, and the tax refund is almost upon us. So where the hell are they hiding them. anybody knows where. please advise. I will not be able to pick it up has to be shipped. so if it is in the states the supplyer must ship to canada.

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    Re: where are ridgid tools hiding in canada eh?

    well now I finally found out where they are hiding ........
    I was looking for a jointer JP0610......
    well they have been discontinued in canada,(Smelly crys his eyes out and sobs on the floor).

    but then the sun came out and all was well..... while talking to the sales rep at the local HD here in quebec city, I live 3o miles away in the country side, he told me, this was on the phone,that a certain customer of which he had the name, and phone number, had bought one a year ago ,and had never used it and was looking to sell.

    So I call this guy up , the cutters had not left the box, amd were still wrapped up he told me. so this next weekend I will go and get it, he cant get it out of the basement, because there is to much snow ,6 feet to the basement entrance ,and the inside stairs are a bit steep.
    and to top it all off he only lives about 10 miles from me

    oh and it is my birthday today talk about luck eh.......