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    FYI: Sawzall - The Hatchet® Reciprocating Saw is yellow tagged clearanced to $99 from $149. It has a 6 position flexible rear handle, 7.5 amp, quik-lok and orbital cutting action. Does anyone know why this might be clearanced out of HD? I like my 10 amp Sawzall and cordless Ridgid but if the price keeps dropping I may consider it.

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    Re: The Hatchet

    not a big seller.

    joey bough me the cordless version 6 years ago and it's still sitting on the shelf waiting for my dewalt cordless to die

    the hatchet has a folding rear handle, but that's about it.

    the porter cable has the real unique cutting position.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: The Hatchet

      Rick, that can certainly explain HD's position on the sawzall especially if its not moving. It appears to be a very innovative and heavy duty tool. I posted it in the great deals section for member awareness of the potential for further price reductions that can suddenly boost a products demand to become greater than supply. Another positive note is the tool I examined was made in the USA (wow).


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        Re: The Hatchet

        While the Hatchet may be handy, it's sure not the workhorse the full size Sawzall models are. Rick is correct about the special model by Porter-Cable being one handy power tool. For most cutting, I'm staying with a good tuff Milwaukee Sawzall. For the hard to reach places a mini hacksaw normally gets things done and with less damage than a power tool of any kind.

        Just my 1/2 cent worth...

        Part 2: I have a feeling Milwaukee will be coming out with new models all made over in China and made with slave labor. It was a very sad day when TTI took them over. No more real USA quality products.


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          Re: The Hatchet

          Originally posted by reConx View Post
          I like my 10 amp Sawzall and cordless Ridgid but if the price keeps dropping I may consider it.
          FYI: If anyone is interested, the local HD has reduced the price to $59 to clear out the remaining HATCHETS