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Excellent 10" Table Saw Blade

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  • Excellent 10" Table Saw Blade

    Recieved weekly email specials, and thought some folks might be interested in this. This blade is comparable to a Forrest WWII and depending on who you ask might be considered better. I dunno. I have a TS2000 but not a 40T WWII, so I can only comment that I love the TS2000.

    This is copy/pasted from the Woodpeckers email:

    The Ridge Carbide TS2000 is an awesome saw blade for serious woodworkers. Although most saw blade manufacturers make similar claims, reality is clearly behind this top-shelf performer and winner of numerous product reviews.
    The 40 teeth on this saw blade are ground from C4 micro grain carbide, and go through a four step shaping and sharpening process. This process finishes with a 1200 grit pass to create razor sharp edges. In spite of the higher cost, the TS2000 saw blade utilizes WH style carbide teeth which can be resharpened 20 – 25 times because of their increased thickness.

    Bottom line, for those woodworkers who've seen this terrific saw blade demonstrated at many woodworking shows over the last 15 years, you can appreciate how this “not so well known” blade can cut, for the rest, you might want to consider giving one a try to see what you've been missing. The TS2000 is a standard kerf blade and the TS2000TK is a thin kerf blade.

    Part # Sale Price eCLUB Price SAVE Coupon Code (boldfaced)
    TS2000 $89.00 $79.00 $10.00 TS2000
    TS2000TK $89.00 $79.00 $10.00 TS2000

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    Re: Excellent 10" Table Saw Blade

    With the WoodNet or BT3Central discount applied, Holbren has those same blades for $80.96 with free shipping.
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      Re: Excellent 10" Table Saw Blade

      I've owned and used both, and find the TS2000 to be at least the equal of the WWII. Both are made in the USA, both have two kerf choices, and both are excellent performers, but the TS2000 has notably thicker carbide for more resharpenings. The TS2000 is honed to a finer grit too, but honestly, the advantage from that extra fine edge lasts all of about 2 minutes before it becomes more comparable to the edge of the WWII and other top shelf blades.

      Holbren carries the TS2000 for $80 shipped for some forum members with "SMC10", "woodnet10", or "BT310" discount code.