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Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-1 (New)

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  • Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-1 (New)

    eBay item - 150279461348 (No reserve) This is being sold by a professional selling service.

    eBay item - 130244122744 (Has a reserve of unknown amount) I bet the seller is a pawn shop.

    eBay item - 170246834736 (Set BIN price but has free USA shipping) This isn't a bad price for a new one if it really is new.

    eBay item - 130243957490 (Said to be NIB with set BIN price and with shipping it's not bad) I think this is a selling service.

    I am not the seller of any of the above items. It's just that you hardly ever see one for sale on eBay with the plastic bands on the box and the factory staples still (first one) in the box. Also too many sellers either start the bidding really high or they have a reserve. This one so far is looking pretty good. Needless to say it most likely will get more bids as it's still early on in the auction, but you just might get lucky. If you miss out on this one keep looking. Normally you can get a new one for much less than at a major tool dealer or supply house. The drawback is if you need warranty service. I'm not sure what Milwaukee would do for you without a proper bill of sale from an authorized dealer. Then normally other than normal care servicing (motor brushes and grease changes) which you do have to pay for, a Hole Hawg being well built lasts a long time with little trouble.
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    Re: Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-1 (New)

    I'm seeing several Hole Hawg and Super Hawg listings on eBay and several claim to be new in the box. If you really want one go take a prowl. I may just grab one up myself if the price is right very close to the end of the auction. I'm watching a few of them. If anyone that's a forum member plans to bid on one, please PM me the item number so I won't be bidding on the same item you are. There's no use in us getting into a bidding war. There are plenty for all of us.


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      Re: Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-1 (New)

      I bought a new in box hole hawg off e bay a few months back. I won the auction and got it with shipping for $152.50. That was a pretty darn good deal. It works flawlessly by the way, and it was still sealed in the box.