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good del on reconditioned 9223 combo kit

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  • good del on reconditioned 9223 combo kit

    i don't normally advocate reconditioned tools, but i noticed this on the HD website:

    a family member has the same kit. there is nothing you can throw at this kit that it can't handle. i know it is inelligible for the lsa and the batteries are not lithium ion, but they are the 2.5 ah nicads and our experience with them has been excellent.

    also noted this kit on the same website:

    i have the same kit and the dual charger and RA driver are worth the price by themselves. when i checked shipping to my zip code, it was $7.00. certainly reasonable. the batteries are a little weak in terms of run time (less than the 2.5 ah batteries in the above mentioned kit but still very efficient) but the twin charger recharges both batteries in 30 mins. and as its not reconditioned, it is lsa elligible. only noting it FWIW.
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