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    I know buying new is always better, but if you can't afford the new tool prices - it's your only way to increase the tools in your workshop.

    Read this and then check out - they have a reconditioned tool section on thier website!
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    Re: Reconditioned Tools

    Actually, in my experiences, buying new isn't always better, it's only just as good. I can only speak of the reconditioned tools I have purchased, all of them being Porter Cable, but every one I've ever purchased has looked and operated just like any NIB tool that I've bought. Buying certified factory reconditioned tools can be a real money saver especially for someone on a tight budget.

    Tool King is but one place that you can buy reconditioned tools. A little searching on the Internet will reveal a boat load of sellers so price comparison is not hard to do.
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      Re: Reconditioned Tools

      As long as you check with customer service or the factory web site to be sure the dealer is factory authorized you should be pretty safe. Factory owned and operated service centers normally have a pretty good selection of fully reconditioned tools for sale, many of which are actually new tools sent in by dealers where they may be display tools missing a part or two that was replaced or they may have not quite passed quality control in the factory and thus needed a tech to figure why and correct it.

      What you do not want is to buy rebuilt or repaired power tools from a little known tool dealer. They are not fully reconditioned and they may have &^%$ brand junk parts inside. Also the tech may well be a "Ding Dong Head" type and did poor repairs.

      Tool King is a highly regarded tool dealer for many brands. I have seen better prices however but they are a good place to start with.


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        Re: Reconditioned Tools

        only thing about ridgid recon tools is only one year warranty, not 3 + llsa