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Paslode 16 gauge cordless nailer

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  • Paslode 16 gauge cordless nailer

    I picked up a Paslode 902000 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

    at Lowe's today.

    $119.99................regular price was $299

    I prefer the angled version, but for a few hundred difference in price I think I can make due with the straight version. It will shoot 2 1/2" nails.

    I already had the framing version and needed an extra battery anyway. For not a whole lot more I was able to get the whole enchilada.

    By the time I picked up a 4 pack of gas cartridges, some 2 1/2" and some 1 1/2" nails it ended up being about $184, tax and all.

    A buddy was able to cash in on the same deal and hopefully some of you can.

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    Re: Paslode 16 gauge cordless nailer

    That's awesome. Last time I was at Lowe's I saw it marked down to $259. I paid over $300 when I got mine.


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      Re: Paslode 16 gauge cordless nailer

      That is a great deal. I have the angled and I can tell you one thing you'll like about the straight -- nails are half the price as my angled ones. And you can use any brand.


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        Re: Paslode 16 gauge cordless nailer

        a bonus on the deal.

        I found out, San Antonio...might be the same for you, that Lowe's had a coupon in the Sunday paper for $25 off of $100 or $50 off of $250.

        You COULD walk out with that gun for $95. I already opened mine, but I think I'll go purchase another with the coupon, and return the unopened gun with my old coupon to claim the $25.