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3/4" B&D Super Drill on eBay

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  • 3/4" B&D Super Drill on eBay

    If anyone needs a big beast 3/4" spade handle drill for tuff work take a good look at this listing on eBay. Most likely from sitting it should be serviced before use. That would include replacing the gear box grease and checking for power cord rot and such. If you can get it cheap you have quite a deal. This is the father model of the DeWalt DW138 which was discontinued a few years ago. Today Milwaukee is it, for a domestic brand big beast drill like this one.|294%3A50

    Ebay item # 170339279600
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    Re: 3/4" B&D Super Drill on eBay

    Many years ago a drill like that killed a guy on a job I was working on. It was winter time and cold, he was wearing a pair of welders gloves and drilling a hole for a pipe hanger rod in a piece of steel up near the ceiling. Long story short his glove got caught in the drill somehow and threw him off the scaffold plank he was sitting on. He fell about 25 feet to the concrete floor head first. He died on the way to the hospital.

    Learn from his mistakes:
    • Don't wear gloves when operating rotating machinery
    • Wear fall protection harness (belts are no longer allowed) AND secure the lanyard so you can't fall more than 3 feet or strike anything below, whichever is shorter (remember the lanyard can stretch as much as 3.5 feet when it opens up).
    • Use a proper scaffold with the required handrails in place, not a 2x12 wood plank spanned across two pipes as this guy had done.
    • For a heavy tool such as this, it might not be a bad idea to have a lanyard attached to the tool so that if it should get away from you it does not fall and strike someone below.
    I was in the first year of my apprenticeship.
    Sure woke me up in a hurry.
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      Re: 3/4" B&D Super Drill on eBay

      If not braced properly they can rip your arms off! This type of power tool demands great respect and a good clear mind.


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        Re: 3/4" B&D Super Drill on eBay

        It is like with any power tool or implement when you increase the power of some thing the danger level goes, up,
        take a power threader I bet a few have been hurt on them as well trying to man handle them with out proper bracing,

        this thing is like having a hand held power post hole digger in your hands
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