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Not really a tool but...

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  • Not really a tool but...

    Still a killer deal. I think this is the one Rick has 3 of. Very cool little netbook.

    use the code BK2SCHOOL

    269.99 shipped.Very tempting.


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    Re: Not really a tool but...

    Would this be a good one for in the truck invoicing.

    Early last year before I saw these minis I bought this huge laptop for service invoicing.Takes up wayyy too much realestate in the cab.


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      Re: Not really a tool but...

      actually just 2 i have the blue one and joey the pink

      note that these are refurbished units.

      we got ours last december and have been very happy with their performance. the 6 cell battery gives you a good 5-6 hours of real use

      the unit has performed flawlessly and these are the ones that joey and i play on the forum with. the ones we travel with. the ones that i use to download all my photos to.

      we payed $389 plus tax 7 months ago for a new unit. so this is a great deal even though it's refurbished.

      it's the k-60 of web computers

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Not really a tool but...

        And boy was it a better gift than a bidet seat!
        I love my plumber

        "My Hero"

        Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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          Re: Not really a tool but...

          adam, yes. i have my backup invoicing on it. with the battery life, i can keep it on standby all day long. the 160gb memory will never fill up.

          go for it

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Not really a tool but...

            They are handy little devices, but don't try to do more than one thing at a time on them. In terms of performance, the atom 270 processor is worse than most Celerons. Also note that it's coming with windows XP and no incentives for a windows 7 upgrade. While XP is a perfectly fine operating system for netbooks currently, Microsoft will not support XP indefinitely. I'm pretty sure there will be no more service pack updates past the current 3. For netbooks, it's probably a better idea to find a deal on a new one that is eligible for a free windows 7 upgrade, or wait until October to buy one.


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              Re: Not really a tool but...

              when i click on the link, this is what i get:

              We're sorry...
              This category() does not currently have any items available.

              am i correct that this means they are sold out? i clicked on the link shortly after it was posted and thought it odd that it sold out so quickly.
              there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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                Re: Not really a tool but...

                Most likely sold out, though 2 weeks or so, similar deals on the refurbished or older netbooks make their way on the internet. Just keep an eye out and you'll see them on sale again.