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PSA- HF 2hp dust collector $139

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  • PSA- HF 2hp dust collector $139

    I don't have one and can't personally recommend this unit, but I've seen others on this forum saying this is one of the HF "gems" (BadgerDave has given it a thumbs-up, IIRC).

    Usually seems to be priced around $200-$250+, but in the most recent issue of WOOD magazine there was a HF ad showing the 2hp dust collector for $139.99.

    This is (I believe) the unit:

    Definitely could warrant a filter bag upgrade, but pretty decent price for the thing...

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    Re: PSA- HF 2hp dust collector $139

    That may be a misprint the current HF ad paper shows it at $179.00. I've had it for about a month and it works well for me. Pat


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      Re: PSA- HF 2hp dust collector $139

      The ad Wood Junkie is referring to is a magazine ad. I've seen the ad in both WOOD Magazine and Woodworkers Journal. The said ads also have a 20% off coupon for a single item but I'm not sure if you can piggy back both. If your local HF store will do that then the before tax price would be $112!

      BTW, that DC is the newest released model from HF and comes standard with a 5 micron bag versus the older style which came with 30 micron bags. If anyone decides to get this DC, make sure you do receive the newer model as some stores probably still have some of the older ones in stock.

      For the money, this is a very good deal for anyone looking for a DC and who doesn't want to spend the kids college money for one. This unit will probably not support a collection system with long runs of piping but works very well in my basement shop.
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