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    Had a nice find at a yard sale this past weekend. NIB RIDGID 342 internal pipe wrench, never used...$10. Looks like its 1986 vintage from the date printed on the original box. The price sticker from the store that originally sold it was $49.95

    At the same yard sale found a Greenlee knockout punch set (but missing the 1/2" punch), used but still in good condition and usable for another $10. This is the older set that came in the leather pouch.

    I figured for $20 I couldn't go wrong, so I brought them both home.
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    Another find

    Picked up a Stanley Bailey #5 in decent condition this past weekend at another Yard sale. No signs of abuse and slight surface rust, no pitting. The tote and knob look to be original and are not cracked or otherwise damaged. No 'hang hole' drilled in the sole which is a plus. doesn't affect operability but collectors don't like to see it. Japanning is near 100% and looks like all the original hardware is there.

    I buy tools to use not put on a shelf so it wouldn't matter to me but just the same it's nice that it was cared for. Only thing negative from a collector perspective is the plane iron is a Miller Falls not a Stanley but that again only matters to a collector. The iron is in decent shape and should not take much work to put a working edge on it.

    They were asking for $15 (which was a reasonable price) but I got it for $10 because it didn't have the original iron.
    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006