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RIDGID Band Saw (BS1400) & Drill Press (DP1550)

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  • RIDGID Band Saw (BS1400) & Drill Press (DP1550)

    This is pretty much a copy of my reply post in a separate thread, but I thought that it deserved to be here as well. The original thread is here:

    I stumbled across this deal. I live in Mississippi, but work out of New Orleans. There are several Home Depots along the way and I was checking some of them for the RIDGID 4 1/2" Grinders that were on clearance (I already had one, but my Dad saw it and wanted me to get him one if I come across another).

    I have been wanting to get a RIDGID Band Saw and RIDGID Drill Press and was sort of waiting until another one of those 'spend more-save more' tool events came around. Well, I was walking through the tool section in the New Orleans East HD on Monday, 08Feb, and as I walked by the Band Saw and Drill Press I noticed that both were marked down. They did not have a clearance yellow tag, but were labeled with a white lower price tag. The Band Saw (BS1400) was marked at $187.50 and the Drill Press (DP1550) was marked at $149.50. I scanned the overhead and saw one Band Saw and five or six Drill Presses.

    I didn't buy either and stopped at two other HDs on the way home. Only one of the stores carried the Drill Press and it was still marked at $299. Both stores still had the Band Saw marked at $369 (I even had the Mississippi store check the computer because I was hoping to get the lower tax rate in MS, bit is was also listed at the higher price).

    I went back to the New Orleans East store the following morning at about 0630 and paid for both the Band Saw and a Drill Press at the Pro Desk so that they could pull them and mark them as 'Will Call.' I went back and picked them up after work that afternoon and they were both sitting on a flat cart waiting at the Pro Desk.

    Tax is slightly higher in Louisiana than in Mississippi, but I was able to get 10% off and the Band Saw was $180.99 and the Drill Press was $146.66 with tax and out of the door. I am very pleased as both tools cost less that what I was planning to pay for the Band Saw alone.

    Out of four different stores that I have been in over the past week that had the Band Saw, only one had it marked down and I only saw the Drill Presses in two of the stores.

    The New Orleans East store still had at least four Drill Presses as of last night, 11Feb.
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