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"wizy" and "ipklove" shills for Amazon

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  • "wizy" and "ipklove" shills for Amazon

    A quick review of the many posts by "wizy" and "ipklove" on this section of the forum would strongly indicate that they are agents for Amazon. I don't believe using this forum for direct promotion of companies is in the spirit of what we are supporting. I would hate to see this forum become dominated by the commercial promotion of companies and products and would hope that the moderators of this forum would address this issue ie: Throw the blaggards overboard!.....Ray
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    Re: "wizy" and "ipklove" shills for Amazon

    I agree 100%. I too have noticed that about those two posters. I have nothing against alerting members here about a good tool deal, no matter the mfg., but if that's all someone posts about then I have to question their motives for being here.
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