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Milwaukee 1/2" HD Right Angle Drill

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  • Milwaukee 1/2" HD Right Angle Drill

    This is on eBay and unless more bids come in, you might be able to grab it at a low price. The seller claims it's brand new, but not knowing the seller, I can only hope what's in the listing is true. This is a model 3002-1 drill kit which while much like the famous 3107-6 kit has a few differences. The main differences is that this drill is geared slightly faster and it doesn't have the Quik-Lok removable power cord. If you're mostly wanting to drill holes up to about 2" in soft wood, this should work well. I would be bidding on it, but already own too many drills and thus need to not buy anymore.

    Here is some info from the Milwaukee web site:

    Here is the eBay listing and you need to act fast or this listing will have ended. I hope someone can get a good deal on it. -

    In case the link fails it is item number 320552136307

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    Re: Milwaukee 1/2" HD Right Angle Drill

    WOW! Woussko,
    Somebody got that drill for $114! They practically stole that thing. The right angle drive alone usually sells for $60-$90. Thanks for pointing that out for us. I followed that to the end, but was unable to bid on it.
    PS. Got any other good Milwaukee stuff to follow?