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RIDGID chipping/breaker hammer

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  • RIDGID chipping/breaker hammer

    It just came to me after reading an earlier post on the plumbing forum that many have told others what brand of Chipping hammer and Demo Hammer they use and low and be hold the name RIDGID NEVER came up. with the tools being a necessity, why does RIDGID not capitalize on this idea and start looking towards trying to make a line of each?

    I'd get a few, after a demonstration on how they work of course
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    Re: RIDGID chipping/breaker hammer

    at 1 time ridgid use to sell core drilling equipment. now i think it's only available to the overseas market.

    i doubt they will pursue the demo/ chipping hammer as there are plenty of tool companies that already make them.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: RIDGID chipping/breaker hammer

      it would have been better if there would be a youtube video or review of this products..for others also.
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