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    Now probably many of you would not consider some of the items listed as 'deals', because his tools can run into the thousands. But Pat Leach publishes a list monthly of old hand tools that he buys and sells, mostly old Stanley Works hand tools but there are other manufacturers represented. Stanley planes are his favorite, and he knows I think all there is to know about just about any Stanley hand plane you might set on the workbench before him. Visit his website to research the history of Stanley hand planes. You can also sign up for his monthly email listing of the recent crop of tools that has for sale. If you are looking for something in particular you can email him and ask, or if you have something you want to sell he buys old tools. I have subscribed to his email list for a few years now and bought one or two items. I almost sold him my nickle-plated #20 Victor circular plane but it has come in handy a few times over the years so I think I will hold on to it. I bought it 30 years ago at an antique shop for $30, today I've seen him list ones in similar condition for ~$150. There are things you can do with this plane that would be near impossible with todays power tools, so I'll keep it. [edit: in checking his current list this morning I see he has a #20 in similar condition to mine listed for $285]

    Anyway, if you are looking to pick up a nice first handplane, one that is probably as good as a LV or Neisen or even better than what you will find made today, check him out. As an example he listed in this months email a Stanley #5 jack plane (the first plane you should buy if you don't have any) which looks to be hardly ever used for $95. If I didn't already have three #5s I would jump on this one. I'd be willing to bet its already sold, his list goes out to over 10,000 people every month.

    Start here:
    and click on Patrick's B&G at the bottom of the page to read about Stanley planes. You will learn much from these pages, even if you have no interest in buying a plane.
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