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Narex bevel edge woodworking chisels from Lee-Valley

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  • Narex bevel edge woodworking chisels from Lee-Valley

    I just received an E-mail from Lee-Valley promoting an introductory sale price on the Narex beveled-edge chisels:

    Narex® Classic Bevel-Edge Chisel Sets - Lee Valley Tools

    I have a complete set of these up to an 1" (don't know where I'd use the larger sizes). I also have a complete set of the Narex mortice chisels, all of which have been purchased as either a set as individual add-ons over the last year or so.

    These are very well made, with hefty hardwood handles that fit well in the hand. Blades are sturdy, nicely sharpened and they hold their edge quite well, in my experience. All are approximately 11" in length.

    I have a set of Sheffield-made "Marples" (they're now made in China) and these Narex chisels are definitely superior in both function and quality.

    For those of us who use woodworking chisels, I thought you'd appreciate the notice Lee-Valley is and excellent company to do business with and their stuff is usually top quality, as is their service. (And note, I have no affiliation with Lee-Valley or Narex, other than as a very happy customer.)