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Ryobi deal 50% off MIR

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  • Ryobi deal 50% off MIR

    For the Ryobi fans here on this forum or ones that could appreciate innovative tools at 50% off...check this out link:

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    Re: Ryobi deal 50% off MIR

    Thanks for posting the link to the 50% off coupon. I passed it on to
    my SIL who has a set of Ryobi 18V tools for around the house use.
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    John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)


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      Re: Ryobi deal 50% off MIR

      Sweet deal.
      But I never make a purchasing decision factoring the promise of a rebate into the equation. Unless it's an instant rebate. I only make a decision based upon how many bills are coming out of my wallet at the register.
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