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  • Dewalt

    Found a nice set of locking allen keys at HD yesterday. Also bought a nice 25' Dewalt tape measure.As soon as the other 7 on my truck wear out / break/ get lost I will be able to use it..Looks like they also have a nice 100' tape measure out as well.
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    Re: Dewalt

    The DM at my local store suspects it is all made by Irwin. It looks nice, I am surprised however to see they have a mill faced hammer listed as a framing hammer. A framing hammer with a smooth face usually gets given away or tossed, as it is worn out, good for beating on your cats paw, or deflecting the 16D nail you are trying to drive into the other room.

    I still prefer my 16' Stanley Fat Max for almost every thing I do. It is small, and has a great standout, 11' all the time.
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      Re: Dewalt

      It looks like more rebranded tools by Stanley Black & Decker (SBD). These products are very similar to the tools put out under the Stanley Fat Max & Bostitch hand tool lines. I'm not saying they are any better or worse. DeWalt has a reputation for quality & maybe they can sell some tools off their name. I don't think Irwin is a part of SBD. They are not listed in their company profile.

      DeWalt tools @ Home Depot Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Tool & Socket Sets at The Home Depot

      DeWalt Hand tools site DEWALT Hand Tools | Staplers and Staples, Wood Chisels, Hammers and Pry Bars, Pliers and Snips and more

      Stanley Bostitch :* Hand Tools

      Stanley Hand Tools

      Company profile: Our Brands | Stanley Black & Decker
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        Re: Dewalt

        It is rebranded Stanley not to say that it is bad and truthfully not unexpected. A smart idea on Dewalts end the majority of their tools do lean towards general contractors and carpenters so to have tape measures labeled Dewalt is an easy way to increase share in a very good tool category that really will always be in demand even in a terrible economy. Every tool company now is having to look to new categories to make money. On a side note I saw Dewalt's new screwdriver's out and about only thing good about them was the price.

        Irwin is not part of Stanley they are actually part of Newell-Rubbermaid since 2002.