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  • Great Deals On Nice Saw Blades

    Over the years I’ve posted many times preaching against buying cheap blades because they’re usually false economy in the long run, and often don’t perform very well for very long. Every once in a while an opportunity rolls along to buy a very good saw blade at a very good price, and now's the time! Onsrud currently has several blades listed for auction on Ebay that include free s/h….since many folks don’t recognize the name “Onsrud”, they aren’t drawing a lot of bids, meaning that many are being sold uncontested for the initial listing price, which includes shipping. AFAIK, the blades are made in Germany by Leitz, who now owns Onsrud. Leitz is the same company who made the former Delta Industrial blades, the former Irwin Woodworker series, Leitz Pro, H.O. Schumacher and Sohns, and several others. These are typically good $50-$100+ industrial blades. They feature large C-4 carbide tips, laser cut high quality steel bodies, and are precision machined. There’s a decent selection at the moment, but this is a clearance deal and they won't last forever. For the record, I have no association with this company or this Ebay listing….just wanted to pass along the info (which will likely prompt some bidding competition for the blades, so move fast!) Onsrud blades on Ebay. They also have some nice deals on dado stacks....the 12T/2T set has an initial bid price of $32.50 shipped, and is very similar to the popular Freud SD208 that sells for $95.

    I recently purchased their 42T full kerf ATB blade for $15 shipped, which is less than the cost of having a blade sharpened.

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    Re: Great Deals On Nice Saw Blades

    I am always looking for good blades at a great price when I have a few extra bucks to spend.
    Don't have an immediate need but I'm not against picking up a good deal now and sticking it on the shelf for future.

    I do like the Ridge Carbide (no association with RIDGID) blades made here in the USA but they are expensive.

    Thanks, I'll take a look.
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      Re: Great Deals On Nice Saw Blades

      Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
      ....Don't have an immediate need but I'm not against picking up a good deal now and sticking it on the shelf for future....Thanks, I'll take a look.
      This is exactly the kind of deal I'd suggest making a move on whether or not there's an immediate need or even discretionary funds. I'm not sure how these will compare directly with the likes of Ridge Carbide, Forrest, Infinity, etc., but they're very well made and the value is potentially huge when the bids stay low....they'll likely be at least "good nuff", and maybe downright impressive. The very existence of this post may cause some bidding, but with some patience, it's still a great time to get a good backup, upgrade from mediocrity for less money that most probably pay for a junk blade, and/or get a couple of specialty blades that are hard to justify at regular street prices for this quality. They've got full and thin kerf, miter blades, Hi-ATB ply/laminate blades, rippers, non-ferrous metal, etc. Good luck!


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        Re: Great Deals On Nice Saw Blades

        Well thank God I just won a bid yesterday on a 60T negative hook angle blade. Your heads up about Onsrud here would surely have cost me more money if the auction ended tomorrow.

        Seriously.......this was the second Onsrud blade that I've purchased, the first being a TK 24T rip blade. The quality seems very high and the little that I've use it, it has performed very well. As a further heads up which of course could change at any time, these blades have been offered on eBay for the last month or so. I've been watching them as I wanted the blade that I won yesterday and the bidding seems to go in streaks. Heavy bidding on popular style blades for a week or so and then a lull in bidding. I've been fortunate as both my winning bids were for the initial asking price and won during one of the lull periods. If you're patient and lucky you can get a real super bargain but most of the auctions I followed had the winning bid ending up being still a great bargain for the quality of the blade. The best part is that they ship for free.
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          Re: Great Deals On Nice Saw Blades

          posting so I can find this again. Search leaves alot to be desired, and apparently so do my skills.
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