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    Picked up a RIDGID #450 Tri-stand vise in very good condition for $40 today. Couldn't pass it up at that price.
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    Re: Flea Market Find

    Nice grab..Thats where I got mine about 25 years ago. And still works like a champ cause I'm the only one that uses it. It 's funny if I had employees they would tear the shi* outta my tools. I have tools I bought at flea markets when I was starting out in the trade to this day in my tool tray.Trust me I know every tool in there and will not leave a job till everyone is accounted for.. Now don't get me wrong I have lost a tool here and there but I usually only loose a tool if I am working with someone else..Go figure right ..Anyhow I hope you get a lot of good use outta of your new find..
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