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ryobi 13" planer price

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  • ryobi 13" planer price

    as seen today in the new rochelle, ny HD:
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    Re: ryobi 13" planer price

    Yeah, that's about what that planer is worth. Ryobi used to make a descent planer then they scooched the pooch when they discontinued it and came out with this less than stellar model.
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      Re: ryobi 13" planer price

      Yep, I remember that particular move rather well.

      I had been saving for the Ryobi planer (AP1300... very similar number to the Ridgid TP1300). That model had a great reputation and was very similar in design to the Ridgid unit, with the latter having heavier-duty components. For example, the elevation screws on the Ridgid were about 50% larger in diameter. The Ryobi AP1300 was pretty popular, but the replacement (now being clearanced at a few stores) was much cheaper made, lacking infeed and outfeed tables and a few other features. No top lid, and just generally cheaper looking overall.

      So with that being gone, I had to refocus my savings on the Ridgid TP1300... and not too longer afterward, I had read that Ridgid was going to introduce its NEW model and replace the very popular (and great reputation) TP1300. I could only imagine that the replacement was going to be another "cheapened" unit. So I started waiting for information to show up here on the Ridgid website, while keeping a close eye on the dwindling inventory of TP1300's.

      Well, as all too often happens, no advanced information showed up on the website! My local HD told me that didn't have any knowledge of a new model and hadn't seen it, and...... they got down to one last TP1300 NIB. I bought that, late that particular afternoon. I went back the next morning to buy an extra pack of blades, only to find the NEW replacement sitting there where my TP1300 had been. (I hate being lied too!)

      But I'm happy to have the TP1300, and I still think it was a good buy in consideration of some of the slipping cutter height issues I've read about on the current model.