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Used sewer cleaning tools for sale

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  • Used sewer cleaning tools for sale

    Cleaning house. Getting rid of things I don't use. All will be here for a couple weeks, then to e-bay.

    PM me with questions.

    Older K-60 and accessories Ridgid K60 pictures by bucketpics12345 - Photobucket
    Used older model. Works. Offer+shipping.

    General J-3055 jetter General j3055 pictures by bucketpics12345 - Photobucket
    Pretty beat, but works. Needs a battery. 16hp briggs was too underpowered to run machine at full capacity at this altitude (9600') but should be adequate at lower altitudes. ~250' of 3/8" hose, a few nozzles. Can't speak for the hose or nozzles; they came with the machine but I have not used them as they are inappropriate for how I work. Machine was used by me with 1/4" hose as a backup for a month or two when another broke down. Other than being underpowered (again, likely an altitude issue) it worked fine. Offer+shipping.

    Used pumps from jetters with toast engines that I won't use pumps pictures by bucketpics12345 - Photobucket
    Worked not long ago. Just hate to toss them. Make an offer if you can use them... shipping plus something for my hassle to box and send them. Whole machines with dead engines avail if you want them and the shipping doesn't kill the deal for you.

    (2) Ridgid color video toolcase monitors Ridgid Color Video Toolcase Monitors pictures by bucketpics12345 - Photobucket
    Used. Hard. Work well, except the vcrs. These I'd want some $ for... make offer.

    A couple drum reels for a mid-sized gorlitz machine... suitable for 3/8" or 1/2" cable Gorlitz reels pictures by bucketpics12345 - Photobucket
    again, things I hate to just toss if someone can use them. Pay shipping and something for my hassle and they are yours.

    Vivax camera system Vivax camera system pictures by bucketpics12345 - Photobucket Works. Mini reels is never used new since being repaired (new supposedly redisigned and better pushrod and camera head) on warranty. Bigger reel is a little beat but works. Both I think 200' but will check if you are interested. This was my 'try something else'. They work but I like Ridgid's Seesnakes better. Make offer.

    Trades for darn near anything considered.

    PS; the '71 Norton 1971 Norton Commando 750 pictures by bucketpics12345 - Photobucket needs to go to a home where it will be better loved too. Complete, better than a basket case, not that much better. Has period correct Dunstall pipes which I gather are somewhat coveted. Offers.

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    Re: Used sewer cleaning tools for sale

    I'm interested in the T5050 pump and one of the toolbox monitors. I asked some questions over at DCF.

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      Re: Used sewer cleaning tools for sale

      Im interested in your k60 whats your asking price and location


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        Re: Used sewer cleaning tools for sale

        Sent you a PM the other day.
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          toolbox monitors still available?


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            I got 1 if you need it. The vcr is not working, but a sony dvd can be installed inside if need be.

            phoebe it is


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              Thanks for the offer Rick. I'm looking for a temporary monitor to use while my CS6 is being repaired and then keep as a backup just in case...
              PM me with the price you'd need for it.