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De-scaling tools for pipework

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  • De-scaling tools for pipework

    When in doubt put it out there on this forum and the answers flood in.

    I have been looking at the Wheeler-Rex de-scaler for times where we find old gal pipe in the ground. Most of the time it is small diameter usually 1 1/4 or 1 1/2" but sometimes either way bigger or smaller. Problem arises when we want to put a burst pipe clamp on for a temporary fix and we need to get a reasonable surface to apply to. Prefer to use clamps similar to your Romac ones where they have a full circle rubber and a clamp over the top. I always try to get the long ones which are a bit over 6" long so I have to prepare a fair surface.

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    Re: De-scaling tools for pipework

    I too have looked at the same one. But its for cast iron in the ground. The descalers blades will not work on small od pipe as it will get caught in the grooves.

    Have you tried pump pliers/ channelocks and tried to grip the pipe lightly to rub off the scale? Of course a diamond grinder / die grinder, will work if the ditch is large enough.

    Also try a painters 5 in 1 putty knife. The cut out for the roller cleaner is pretty good at scraping the pipe clean.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: De-scaling tools for pipework

      Rick thankyou. Looks like you saved me a bit of cash. I thought as much. Problem as always is space. In this instance it is real limited. Looks like the blokes that did the original install had a devious side to them and thought they would be retired by the time it leaked or failed. There is a 80mm steel fire service close by below. Just have enough room to get the repair band through. Copper was always an issue but the steel is much harder as you appreciate because the sand hols water and encourages corrosion or what we call barnacles. Will keep looking I think.
      With the copper I was going to modify a polisher that my mates use on the stainless steel hand rails but turn the scourer inside out. Havent spent the bucks yet because there are always other things more important.