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30 in. T-Square Fence and Rail System

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  • Mikeinctown
    That is definately a rebranded Biesemeyer fence system. When Ridgid first came out with their contractor table saw I put a 50" Bies fence on it so I know it can be done. You need the cast iron table and wings though at least I think 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" thick as you need to drill new bolt holes. Good price it appears too.

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  • Bob D.
    started a topic 30 in. T-Square Fence and Rail System

    30 in. T-Square Fence and Rail System

    I've read posts about replacing the stock fence system on various table saws here and to day came across this deal on HDs website.
    It's online purchase only with free shipping. Not sure how it could be adapted to a RIDGID TS or other brands, but I don't think its that difficult.
    This particular fence system is made by Delta but it is definitely heavily influenced by the Biesemeyer design, and Delta owns Biesemeyer so
    take it from there.

    Anyway, something to consider if you're looking for a replacement fence for your table saw. Not sure how long this fence will be at this price,
    when you look at other similar fence systems they are double the price they are asking for this saw ($183.33). No doubt there is some
    significance to the price, specifically the 33 cents that to anyone who knows HDs pricing strategy would tell them if this is a clearance price,
    sale, local mark down, or something else. I know Walmart, Sears, and almost every big chain store does this.

    30 in. T-Square Fence and Rail System