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Great deal at Rockler for DW735 planer

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  • Great deal at Rockler for DW735 planer

    Received a catalog today from Rockler and they have the DeWalt DW735 planer on sale for $649.00
    This is a good price for this planer, about the same it has been for the last 8 years, the price has not
    gone up and in the lunchbox planer class it is regarded as one of if not the best. There are a number
    of reviews that support this and you can find them online if you doubt me.

    However, the deal gets WAY better because included with the planer for $649 you also get the infeed/outfeed
    tables which usually run about $90 as an extra, AND you get a second set of knives which will run you $49
    most places today, AND you get a FREE DeWalt compact router to boot which is worth about $99 I think.

    So for $649 you're getting roughly $900 worth of tools and accessories. I think if I was even remotely thinking
    about buying a planer this would be the time to pick one up. You can't do better than the DW735 plus all the
    extras just make the deal that much better.

    I've had my DW735 for about 9 years now and its still working great. If it dies today I would buy another in
    a heartbeat. The only reason I wouldn't would be to move up to a 15 or 20 inch planer but I don't have the
    room for that and don't really have a need so I'm sticking with the DW735.

    Click image for larger version

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    Bob D.
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    Me too! I have the DW735 for almost the same time you do.
    I did purchase the DeWalt table for the planer and it is fine too.
    If you use the planer correctly you get minimal snipe and the three blades do a great job!

    Most planers have two blades. Finally the dual speed also adds another level of quality.

    Cactus Man
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      it looks like a good deal.

      but I think I keep my old Belsaw,
      but have you ever used the old Belsaw or Parks planer? (my old Belsaw has the cast iron sides, late 70's vintage), and has been a very good machine, used a Parks when I worked in Montana at the old military base, it was a good unit as well,
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      • Bob D.
        Bob D.
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        Those are both much larger are they not? The DW735 is roughly 18 inches square and about 16 inches high at full height capacity and weighs no more than 50 pounds. It is no contest for those older, more powerful machines to run circles around this, but as I said if you don't have the room to support one of those beasts this is the best of the small planers out there.

        I have a friend who asked if I was interested in his old 20 inch planer, I said I don't have room nor the electrical capacity to handle that beast, though I would like to have it I just can't. The shop is over loaded now and I am working to move some equipment to the basement, mostly stuff like my third bandsaw, some of my handtools, and my midi lathe. But only to gain more working room, not for more tools.