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Christmas Shopping In June

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  • Christmas Shopping In June

    While at my local hardware store today, I stumbled upon their monthly add.

    A gift pack that includes a Channelock 426 6 1/2" slip joint plier along with a Lockback knife. Regularly priced at $24.99 on special for $7.99

    so after purchasing 3 off the shelf, i hade them order 4 more cases of them.

    So if you're on my naughty or nice list, you already know what Santa Rick is bringing

    Click image for larger version

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    phoebe it is

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      Only Knipex for me!!!!!
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        ok, that still leaves me with 43 sets, since you're turning a gift horse down.

        my brother in law got me a pair of knipex last year for the holidays, yes they are very nice and very spendy. smooth jaw 10" great for my nozzles and hose assy.

        phoebe it is


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          so we ARE doing gifts this year?! Thanks for the heads up!

        • PLUMBER RICK
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          Never officially, but I showed you mine, you can show me yours.

          Tools, not your tool.


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        Spendy? You've looking at something that they're asking $26 for that you happened to get on closeout for a good price, nothing wrong with that. But I think $26 is crazy high for a pair of 6'' Channellocks and a folding razorknife. The pliers alone are worth what your paid, $8. The two items to me are worth $10 or maybe $12 tops.

        Unless you're selling them on Amazon, then you can hope to catch some unsuspecting person who will pay your asking price of $77 WITHOUT the razor knife ! !

        Knipex pliers grip nicely, have a comfortable grip, and the jaws are a little narrower than Channellocks so they fit into tight spaces that Channellocks won't.

        The Channellock Griplock pliers are similar in design to the Knipex Cobra.
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          I was in the crawl space hooking up the drain on the shower I added to the half bath at mmy place in the mountains last fall and stumbled upon a pair on Knipex 10"ers I'd left down there 15 years ago. No rush, good as new.


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            Question is, did you remember where you left them 15 years ago?

            no rust, not even rat pee?

            phoebe it is