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Rigid 84001 18V for $99, anything better?

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  • Rigid 84001 18V for $99, anything better?

    Hi all,

    I just bought the Rigid 84001 18V cordless drill from HD for $99 on clearance after returning the 14.4 volt for which I paid the same amount a year ago.

    My question is, is there anything better you would recommend at the same price? It seems hard to top 18 volts, 460 pounds of torque for $99.

    Curious if you guys think this is a good tool. Of course, keeping price in mind.

    While I may not be a contractor, we do lots of medium duty work on the houses, etc. so we need a drill that is up to the task of driving 3"+ screwing in 4x4s, decking, lag bolts in wood ties, etc.

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    I just did the same thing (traded in my 12V Ridgid for the 18V). For the same price, I can almost guarantee you won't find a better deal for a cordless drill.

    Now, of course, corded drills would be a different story. If you're really looking for more power and torque than the 18V, for the same price or even less, then you could easily do that with a corded drill. But I think the 18V is perfectly fine for just about anything household-related except extremely heavy-duty work.

    If you want a lot more torque for a little more money, you could always try the impact driver; for the type of work you're contemplating, the impact driver might very well be the way to go. Ridgid's 14.4V impact driver is $180, and delivers 1,400 in-lbs of torque.

    Heck, you could get the combo (14.4V drill AND impact driver) and have the best of both worlds. My local Canadian HD has it for $300 CAN (which works out to probably about $250 US).

    Hope that helps,

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      Hey Dave,

      Thanks for your response. So, if that's the case, then why doesn't everyone just go for the impact drivers instead? I.E. What is the downside?

      Also, yes, I definately understand that pretty much any $30 corded drill will provide more power than pretty much any cordless drill.

      Thanks for the input.


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        I figured you knew about the corded drills, just wanted to make sure

        As far as why people don't just buy the impact driver...I guess a few reasons. A) it's more expensive than a comparably powered drill, and B) although I've never personally compared the two, my impression is that an impact driver can almost be overkill for lighter-duty applications, and difficult to control.

        Read this great article on impact drivers. The sidebar compares impact drivers to drills:

        Hope that helps,

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          Hmm, very interesting, from reading the attached article though, it seems as though they would by easy to control. And it seems as though you don't have to apply as much force/pressure to help the drill/driver get the screw all the way in/drill the hole.

          Maybe something to think about for the future. I think this drill will serve my needs for some years.

          Thanks again.


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            Sale is over, the drill is back to $189


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              In Canada, the sale is still good. I saw an ad for it last night where they advertised the sale price of $149 CAN (as opposed to its normal price of $249) until Dec 24.

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                I bought this drill from HD a few weeks ago and it seems pretty good, I am in the HVAC industry and use it pretty much every day, hopefully it lasts for a while.