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Home Depot listing Ridgid 18v tools

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  • Home Depot listing Ridgid 18v tools

    Why does Home Depot waste my time?
    I do a request to list the Ridgid 18v tools they have for sale.
    I find they have over 166 tools listed.....

    However over 66 shown are "out of stock on line ...and/or not sold in stores"!!!

    My question is then why bother listing them If you can't sell the product??!!

    Also I'm surprised Ridgid has nothing really new [not another radio or drill] to offer!

    Cactus Man

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    Both HD and Lowes do that and not just with tools. Having said that they have a number of products that are not available at the stores so it can save you some time searching out some harder to find things. For example HD offered a pump for a wet dry vac online that wasn't at the store back then when I bought it and it had to get shipped to the store, now it can ship to your house. They do have other tools than can be bought online but can't be found at the store. Interestly many of the things I've bought from HD have shipped from other stores usually somewhere east of the Mississippi which I surmise has them available for there local clients

    I notice it more with building materials but I agree it's a pain when items are listed on the website but then it's not sold in the store or online.
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      I've ordered from hd online and it literally shows up the next day. Pretty much like Amazon.

      They can't possibly stock everything they show on the website in a store.

      phoebe it is


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        They can be very misleading too, like "18v 9ah Octane Battery 2 Pack -- $99" when it really means $99 each in a two pack. Or they mix 4 and 2 ah batteries in their kits now and call it a "price drop" (when I purchased my gen5 drill/driver kit it came with two 4ah batteries.)


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          .... and here's another misleading ad: