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  • New LED flashlight

    First the disclaimer: I do not work for the company or Amazon...I'm simply making you aware of this flashlight!

    Go to and search for the Folomov EDC C4 LED flashlight.

    It costs $49.00 free shipping ..on e-bay it runs $59.00 and up...Amazon offers the best price for this.

    It uses the 18650 battery ..I use protected batteries. The flashlight includes an 18650 battery but it's
    a low rated mah [milliamp hour rating]

    You can read all the details at amazon.

    I just received one and I did replace the battery that came with it with one rated at 3400mah protected.

    What is cool about this flashlight is if your cell phone battery needs a quick charge you can use this flashlight
    to charge your phone. They include the cable!
    It has a lock out feature so if you carry it in your pocket you won't accidentally turn it on.

    Finally they claim 1200 lumens on high for two hours...perhaps a bit exaggerated but never the less it's very
    bright with a clean throw.

    So for you flashaholics here you should investigate this flashlight.

    Cactus Man

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    Nice little flashlight, it's perfect for inspection crews. The ability to use it to power your phone is a nice bonus and it's inexpensive. Half of the guys use Maglite and the rest whatever looks appealing in Amazon. Maglite's closest offereing to that comes is around $105, and no doubt it's a quality lite but it's double the cost.

    There seems to be hundreds of options out there with something for everybody and the choices can be mind boggling. I'd like to see Maglite get with the program and at least offer rechargable USB style flashlights before they lose their customers.


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      yeah its super bright - 1200 Lumen max utilizing Cree XP-L V6 LED with High Effective Circuit Drive.


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        i have 2 led flashlights i use regularly
        one is a streamlight protac usb rechargeable (damn bright little light) and when i go on security detail a stinger police light!
        Its bright also but also has a 1.2 million volt stun! (really knocks their d*** in the dirt)
        the sound alone is enough to make someone think twice about attacking you
        shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

        coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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          With the growing popularity of LED flashlights using the infamous 18650 type Lithium-Ion battery
          I'll offer some warnings for those of you new to that specific battery.

          Try to avoid the temptation to buy on E-bay, especially with very low prices.
          More times than not, they will be repacks from laptop computers, or counterfeit!!!
          This may be dangerous and could cause a fire or explosion!!!!

          There are a variety of 18650 battery styles....flat top, button top, protected and non-protected.

          For those of you who "Vape" I have no experience with the best battery to use but be aware
          of the battery dangers!

          Regarding LED flashlights the 18650 type battery can and does vary in length and width.
          This means some 18650 batteries may not fit or work in your specific LED flashlight.

          I have a few "cheap" Chinese knock-off LED flashlights and then I have a well known
          brand with an excellent reputation.."FENIX" [I have no monetary interest in the company]

          Over the years I have used cheap knock off batteries, however, today I only buy
          brand names....Sanyo, Panasonic, and Fenix....I only use protected batteries!
          I have found that other brands like Orbtronics are good batteries but do not fit my specific
          Fenix LED flashlights. I prefer the FENIX 18650 at 3500mah button top protected battery today.

          In my genesis into LED flashlights and batteries I also succumbed to buying the "Firefox"
          and other CHEAP batteries on E-bay....I have been very lucky and I have not experienced any
          issues. Be cautious of some battery claims!

          Battery chargers are also offering a wide range of options and prices.
          Over the years I have found the "XTAR" brand [I have no monetary interest in the company]
          The best bang for the buck.

          You may want to visit for some excellent product reviews
          of both batteries, LED flashlights and chargers.

          There is a fellow "HKJ" who has outstanding reviews and is worth looking at. He is located
          in Copenhagen, Denmark.

          The LED flashlight of today can actually offer well over 3000 lumens, so the choices
          are unlimited.

          Just be careful when selecting a battery, charger, and LED flashlight and it will be
          a flashlight you'll use for a very long time.

          Cactus Man


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            I have two 18650 LED flashlights. After reading these posts, I opened them up to check the batteries and make sure they are not unprotected cheapo's. They are both Orbtronic protected batteries, which I believe is a reputable brand.


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              My friends gave me a tactical flashlight Fenix TK15UE CREE XP-L HI V3 LED Ultimate Edition it is perfect