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Step Bits - Which One is Best

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  • Step Bits - Which One is Best

    Came across this YT video tesing about a dozen different step bits.
    As we all know some are junk and it's not always price that defines quality.

    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006
    "?ǝɹɐ sɹǝƃuıɟ ɹnoʎ ǝɹǝɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ op `ʍɐs ǝlqɐʇ ɐ s,ʇı"


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    I have used the Harbor Freight step drill for many years.
    I have the small size with the hex bit end that goes to 1/2"
    I also have their larger sized step bits that you have to use
    a regular 3/8" drill chuck to secure them.

    As a DIY'er I still have my "original" step bits ...I do not abuse them.
    Then, I do not use them daily.

    I usually drill a pilot hole 1/8" or 3/16" with a regular drill bit and then use the step
    drill to increase the hole to the desired size. More times than not I use regular drill bits to get
    close to the size hole and then the step drill to quickly adjust the hole size.

    When I use them in metal..steel or aluminum...I always use cutting oil and drill slowly.
    Speed of drilling a hole has never been an issue for me.

    Cactus Man