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RIDGID Heated Jacket On Clearance

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  • RIDGID Heated Jacket On Clearance

    Comes with battery .. charger .. and power source here's a link

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    That is a good deal. Cheaper than the battery alone.

    It's like buying a battery for $69 and getting a heated jacket, the USB battery adapter, and a charger for free.
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      I'll pass on this deal as it's 112 [above zero F] here in Glendale Arizona today.

      Cactus Man


      • Bob D.
        Bob D. commented
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        Hey, at those prices, ya never know, hell could freeze over and then you'll be wishing you had one. :-)

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      Looks like the battery - charger deal is sold out ( out of stock ) but these are still available with just the power source . Still not a bad deal ..........


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        I'll pass as well - now if they had a COOLED jacket that might get my interest!

        I had been looking at those cold jackets with the packs you keep in the freezer for working in the attic in summer...not made a decision yet.


        • drainman scott
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          I got some shirts I use in the hot weather .. it's made of some sort of special fabric .. like a silky texture and work better than cotton shirts... the only downfall is there cling tight to your body and I lost my 25 yr old shape 30 something years ago .