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Gutter Protector for Ladders

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  • Gutter Protector for Ladders

    No doubt some of you have seen these. I just ordered one as I like how it helps stabilize the ladder by
    stopping it from slipping on the gutter and it protects the gutter from getting marked up by the ladder.

    Click image for larger version

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    I found them listed on multiple sites but the price varies greatly from close to $50 on Amazon to just
    over $26 at a place called Hardware World.

    I also found another model but it does not have the cutout to span the gutter hanger like this one does.
    Might not seem like a big deal but not having that feature limits where you can place the ladder.

    Anyway, something to help you work safer. I think the name for it is "Roofers World - Ladder Mount", model is RT-LM.
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    Seen them here at Home Depot in Canada but it looks like one has to carry a broom stick or extento-pole to place and remove it in the gutter. That's one more thing to carry around.