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  • Clearance

    I visited an HD that I seldom stop at today and they had 3 new in the box TP1300 (gray model) clearanced at $249 and 3 MSUV's at $99.


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    I saw 8 msuv's at hd last night for $99. I bought one today. Great deal. I wonder if they will carry any more after this, and what the price will be.


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      The MS-UV is a great product. I have my DW-708 mounted on one and love it. If you have a miter saw it blows the doors off any other I have seen as far as features and portability. If you have been on the fence as to buying one or not I would go for it at this price (reportedly now $99) you can't go wrong.


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        Went to HD today to pick up some stuff for a project at home and saw a stack of 12 MS-UV's for $99 each. My brother and I each picked one up. By the time we left their stack of 12 was down to 5. (they were completely cleaned out of Bessey clamps, by the way)


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          I JUST GOTTA GLOAT !!!

          AND say that I just got some SPECTACULAR service.

          Oxon Hill Maryland HD just sold me:
          Jointer $225
          Planer w/ stand $190 (missing handle)
          Bandsaw $225
          6" Riser Block $21
          Rip Fence $28
          Herc-u-Lift $55
          Planer Dust Collector $10
          Miter Gauge Clamp $8

          I got talking with one of the Assistant Mgrs (Ms. Ethyl) & she wanted to get rid of the stuff so she offered 25% additional off of the clearance price plus suggested that if I opened an account that I could get 10% MORE off plus get a year with no intrest to pay. The whole shebang for a bit over $700. The only downer was not getting her to add 25% off on one of the $99 MSUV's, might still go back for it though!

          This day with an assistant mgr who knows what the tools are & willing to make the deals will keep me happy about dealing with the average brainless idiots for at least a few weeks!

          WooHoo smells like SAWDUST !


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            I guess the msuv is on sale this month. Apparently not on clearance. I saw this month's hd ad. That is a bit of a relief.


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              Great Deal ChefHDAN !!

              Have fun with your new toys!!