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18v Hydraulic pack

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  • 18v Hydraulic pack

    I have a Rigid high tq impact wrench and inflator... which rides in my truck and gets used (Along with many other Rigid tools) But an 18 v hydraulic pack, and jack would make an absolutely awesome companion to anyone who travels, especially with a travel trailer or equipment trailer. I always seem to have a blow out on long road trips with one of the trailers and absolutely love having the impact available. Additionally, it should be cross compatible to work with a "porta-power" type set... I recently connected my hydraulic 12v pump for crimping hydraulic hose to an 18v 3ah battery with great results!!!! I could also envision a boxed kit containing a high torque impact, inflator, hydraulic pump, multipurpose hydraulic jack, and a charger/battery. Leave room for a set of sockets. I would love to hear back from you about this... Eric

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    Have you looked at the one by Milwaukee. By the way same manufacturer as the ridgid and ryobi cordless line.

    The cordless pump cost as much as your trailer.

    Stick with your 18v cordless tools..

    phoebe it is