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TS2400LS on sale for $399 at HD

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  • TS2400LS on sale for $399 at HD

    According to HD's website as of 1/13/06, the TS2400LS is on sale for $399. Tempting.

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    That is an "online price" good thru 3/31, does not mean it is at the store for this price. I clicked on "order" just to see and it came up with ~ $167 for shipping ... plus sales tax. Much cheaper at store even at old $499 price I paid 12 months ago !! Had also seen it for $449 at one time since.



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      I was in my local (Corning, NY) store yesterday and they had a "$50 Off" sign posted on this saw yesterday. I understand from a post on another forum that some stores are NOT honoring this price. I'm going to stop over at the local BORG tomorrow and see what's going on with this. Right now it just looks like another HD "strange".



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        Two weeks ago, at the Greenville, NC, HD, price on saw was $449 and it had $50 mail in rebate good until 16 Feb.
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          Dougmac, the Madison East HD store has the $50.00 rebate described by CWSmith.


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            The HD here in Cinci have it at $399 plus a $50 rebate and lifetime warrenty ... plus the HD that I went to accepted the 20 % off coupon from HF so my total cost will be $269.20 plus tax. There isn't a TS out there that can beat that deal $ for $
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              I've already got one, but I had a contractor friend borrowed it and now he wants one. After reading your post, I told him to go and check the price at the store ... in our case this would be Green Bay East or West.


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                Dougmac ... the store I went to had it marked as $449 but the HD .com has it reduced to $399 .. they looked it up while I was there and gave me the lower price. They had the$50 rebate notice posted there but the sign read that you had to purhcase the TS with a MS. I'll post the rebate from Ridgid and you can read for yourself, but the way I read it there is no mention of having to purchase anything except the TS2400LS. the rebate states that you need to send the original cash registar receipt and the original UPC lable. I called Ridgid and asked if the lifetime warrenty was still in effect and they said yes. So I asked about sending the UPC and she said a copy of it would be ok since they need it for the rebate.

                LINK FOR TS2400LS REBATE: (cut and paste this into your browser)


                .... if this doesn't work go to and look under promotions/rebate center/ridgid



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                  I've talked to a couple of managers at Home Depot and there seems to be some mis-interpretations by some managers who refuse to honor the on-line price. If the Web page says "Online ONLY", the store cannot or should not match the price. But if the Web pages states "prices in store may vary", the manager is free to honor that price.

                  I guess they don't HAVE TO, but they certainly should be able to do so if they wish.

                  Too bad the policy isn't made perfectly clear, as I hate to see anyone miss out on getting a good deal.



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                    Where do you find the HF coupon, and how do you convince HD to honor it?


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                      If you signup at HF (Harbor Frieght) they will email you their promotion coupons. Or sometimes the link to a coupon will be posted here in the forum. They are usually only good for a few days. They current one is for 10% off your entire purchase and expires on 1/25.

                      GO here to signup:

                      As for getting HD to honor it ..... GOOD LUCK ! Some do but most don't ! I called an HD that was close to one of the HF retail stores and talked to the store manager. He first said no but I was able to talk him into it ..THIS TIME!