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TS3650 Reduced to $499

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  • TS3650 Reduced to $499

    HD's Madison, WI east store has the 3650 marked down to $499 at the present time. Remind me if there's any way to determine if a unit has the new arbor w/o opening the box. Thanks much.

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    $499 in Atlanta

    I just saw the new price on the 3850 in an Atlanta store. Fabulous price! Bought mine last summer with the 10% discount from getting a credit card. Great saw. Mine had the new arbor last summer and the stock moves so would be surprised if any in the stores still have the arbor problem.

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      I bought mine two weeks ago for the $549. I got it on the last day of the big tool event sale. I saw the ad this morning and went back to Home Depot where they promptly credited my account. I was amazed as to how smoothly that went. Way to go HD.. . . . . .


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        I bought mine on the last day of the tool event too. Won't crediting the account invalidate the gift card offer?


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          Wow. I certainly hope not! The people at HD haven't mentioned anything of that sort to me.


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            Another plus to the $499 price is if you use a HD credit card you get a year to pay for it before you have to pay any interest. I not sure how long the 0% interest deal will be around.
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              The flyer in today's newspaper said "totally enclosed fan-cooled motor", but the picture was definitely a TS3650, and the TS2400 is on the same page for the same price so its not a mistake in product picture (as was common on the web site as to tool description a couple months ago). I guess they were referring to the dust-proof motor. Its time to buy for those of you on the fence!

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                so when's the price gonna drop again?

                I'm ready to get mine, but $50 is a freud blade to go along with it... I already have a HD card, maybe my wife can open an account and get 10% off...