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Milwaukee V28 4pc set very gd price

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  • Milwaukee V28 4pc set very gd price

    467.28 right now on amazon + free ship and no tax

    i picked this up last time somebody here mentioned it for around this price, and i'm very, very happy i did.

    The drill alone is over 3 bills

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    btw, there's 2 coupon codes.

    and there's currently a rebate for a free battery or V28 Milwaukee/Rockford Fosgate job site radio


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      Do you have some kind of warning system for the clich├ęs on
      The funny think is they say it is List Price: $1,355.00 yet at home depot it is around 750 And amazon is selling it for $649? So it is a good deal but you sometimes could get riped off.
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        those msrp's are rubbish. i would think the msrp is 750, for that is the highest i've seen it as in HD

        but, amazon has 2 promotions that this is eligible for: 20% off ending tomorrow, and an additional 10 off that ends pretty soon. which brings the price around $468.

        i just know there is a lot of talk about lith-ion tools, and this one rocks IMO. good deal too. no tax, no gas, and no shipping costs in this day n age is pleasent.