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R3120 Jigsaw for $99 in NJ

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  • R3120 Jigsaw for $99 in NJ

    I did a double take at the price, but realized they were all out of them. So I flagged down an orange apron, and she called another location about 10 miles away, and they had about 5.

    I got there and they were $139, so the guy in the tool department called the location i came from and they vouched for the $99. Because of HD's new pricing policy, they took an extra 10% off.....not bad.

    Gave it to my buddy, whos' been looking for a nice jigsaw, and he was elated. The 3120 is the one made in Germany by Metabo.....very nice.

    If anybody is in the market for a jigsaw at a great price, just do what I did and tell them it's $99 in Paramus, New Jersey.

    PS, get the 3120 over the 3121

    good bargain day: gas was 2.15 a gallon

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    "good bargain day: gas was 2.15 a gallon"

    that's highway robbery, we have been paying $1.91 9/10 for the past two weeks in the "other NJ" .... i.e. South Jersey that is.
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