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    Years ago, I was doing drywall. I was just out of high school. It was a big housing subdivision and we had lots of people there, and of course, lots of new guys too. One kid who had just started, went into the Porta-john and after a minute or two yelled out, "there is no toilet paper in here!". One of the older guys got up, ripped out a big hunk of Owens Pink insulation and casually walked over to the outhouse and handed it though the partially open door to the guy that was desperate for some TP. About an hour later, we were all laughing hysterically as the poor guy was walking around whinning and scratching his butt! I don't ever recall seeing him on the job again!


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    Re: Owens Corning Pink TP

    You can get 4 good wipes with your underwear. How desperate was that kid? That's funny as can be.
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