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  • Turn The Water Off Now !!

    Doing a drywall hanging job.. 99% time you know if you hit something wierd with a screw. I was running the screwgun for the day. Up went sheet after sheet. Homewoner/contractor/builder/ friend, came over to see how things were going. He mentioned we missed a can light in the kitchen. No biggie go back and find it ..found it . Get the router to cut it the cut out and WHOOSH! comes ton of water! all over the guy. Plumber was in house same time we were so they got water off fairly fast lol . Took the sheet down to find the problem... I never would belive it if i didnt see it... I screwed clean through a protective metal plate on one of the joists that covered the pipes to upstairs bathroom. Like i said 99% time you feel if you hit something. We took that plate off and replaced it . Looking at it the plate it was barely as thick as needed to be from factory. But the look on the homeowners/ friends face was PRICELESS !! lol

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    Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

    Wow!!! I've often wondered about going through those thin plates. When you get on a roll with a good, powerful drywall drill, I can see how it could happen. I'm not near the level you're at, so I'll keep your lesson in mind in the future!
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

      the newer safety plates we have to use for the "csst" corrigated stainless steel tubing/ gastite/tracpipe ect. is made of high carbon steel. it is suppose to deflect a nail from a framing gun.

      if the safety plate is not hardened or the screws are self tapping you might have an isuue. if you hang the board yourself and screw it at the same time, you should be fairly aware of the pipes location. if you fall back to screw it, you will never know.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

        Did this a while back hanging wall cabinets. Was screwing into the top plate in the laundry room. Of course, by the time you are hanging cabinets, you won't know exactly where the pipes are. Those plates don't seem to do much.


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          Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

          I haven't screwed through a plate yet, but I've sure found places where the plates were left out.
          My framing nailer came with a special feature too - it locates water pipes. Never misses.

          Worst one I ever did was on a basement reno. Cutting through nails holding a framed interior wall up to the floor joists (with a reciprocating saw) cut right through a 1/2" copper cold water line that had no business being inside that wall. Major shower. Unbelievable amounts of water pouring everywhere.
          First time in this house and it had a finished basement. Try and find the water meter/valve to shut off the water. Seemed to take forever to open all those cupboards.
          It's funny now, it wasn't at the time.

          First thing I do now when starting a job is locate all the shut-offs, even when I don't plan on being anywhere around water.


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            Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

            We go out of our way to conspire against you


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              Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

              Originally posted by drtyhands View Post
              We go out of our way to conspire against you
              A conspiracy, eh. And here I thought plumbers are great people.
              Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....


              A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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                Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

                Oh no no,
                As soon as we look at a set of plans we start plotting the de-struction of all the hard work you and other framers put into your projects

                We actually know months in advance how to torture the woods before they even get there.
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                  Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

                  Two weeks ago I was in a high class part of Detroit. (Palmer Woods)
                  Some copper thieves hit three houses where the folks had moved out and are trying to sell.
                  Well we got a house that had the basement flooded up to almost 3' cause some of our JOB SECURETY is to stupid to figure out how to turn off the water as there steeling all the copper piping.
                  Mega bucks in damage here.
                  I went in and make lines with a laser at around 39" for 5 rooms snapped lines on the walls.
                  This one was a finished basement. with 2x4, lath and cement wall plaster tied into brick walls.
                  Cut the lines and gutted lower half leaveing the 2x4 and installed 5/8" sheet rock tape and mud which left a space from 0" to a 1/2" difference when played in. I installed a chair rail around the two main rooms and hall and worked the rest out with mud to mask the cut .
                  I rebuilt a fake fire place mantel and surround (that was a head turner), my coworker did the Oak stairs, He did a heck of a job to.
                  Anyway these A wholes "JOB SECURETY' got maby $ 150 in copper and did over $50.000 in damage.
                  Be safe out there folks
                  Bob B


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                    Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!


                    I understand you saying you should turn the water off but wouldn't it be worst if you turn the water off only to find out later that there is a leak?

                    When we build out house 10 years ago one of the problems we encountered was a nail in a pipe in the bathroom (one among many problems). A few days after moving into the house, I stepped in wet carpet in the master bedroom. Called the builder immediately. He came over & started tearing out brick until he finally found a nail that pierced a pipe in the bathroom area.

                    I know now that nearly anything can be fixed.....with the right know how & enough money.......but when he started breaking the heart fell to my feet.



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                      Re: Turn The Water Off Now !!

                      "First thing I do now when starting a job is locate all the shut-offs, even when I don't plan on being anywhere around water. "

                      First thing to ask yourself before starting any job is:

                      How could I get hurt doing this job (and how can I prevent it) ?

                      The next most important Q is:
                      What's the worst thing that could go wrong (after an injury)?

                      Next Q is: Are all energized circuits (electric, water, gas, what have you) de-energized and/or in a safe condition for me to work?

                      Next Q is: What else could go wrong?

                      If you have answers to those questions and a plan on how to deal with them you will be half-way there to completing the job without an incident. The other half comes from working smart.

                      As Ross Creek's example illustrates, you've got to expect the unexpected and have a plan to deal with it if/when it surfaces BEFORE YOU START WORK.
                      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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