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  • "here's johnnie"

    seeing that i live only miles from hollywood. i thought you might like a little hollywood trivia.

    after having lunch with westcoast and mrs. westcoast today

    joey and i went to a friends house to say high. he had a newer looking used dishwasher sitting in his living room. he asked if i could "help" him put it in. curious as to why he would remove his present dishwasher and install a used machine, i asked why

    turns out that the machine sitting in his living room used to belong to johnnie carson and was the dishwasher that was in his malibu 3.5 acre home. this one was from the tennis club house and had very little signs of use.

    well, "we" removed the old unit, "we" then installed johnnies unit into the opening while the wives went to get dinner.

    after making all the connections and securing it to the cabinet, my friend turned back on the power. the machine was dead
    "we" just installed a non working machine. why do you think they gave it away after looking at it closely, i determined that the safety door plunger was missing. i removed the old one and installed it on the machine. both units were"kitchen aids" so the parts were interchangeable. tried again and still dead. after scratching my head, i determined that the new machine required the older plastic plunger and the one i installed was the newer rubber plunger. after taking apart the door panel to access the switch, all that was required was to remove the heavy duty spring on the micro switch. now the door interlock switch was working.

    talk about a conversation piece.

    i asked what happened to johnnies toilets

    so had lunch with mr and mrs westcoast and dinner with johnnie carson

    phoebe it is

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    Re: "here's johnnie"


    I don't know if you have ever worked at the Carson Estate but when it was first built it had a great view of the Pacific Ocean. The house sits on a cliff above a small beach but Carson could walk down a canyon which was on the south side of his lot to get to the ocean. I believe it is a community easement so access was pretty much guaranteed.

    What wasn't guaranteed was Carson's view. He never found it necessary to buy the lots which sat between his house and the cliff so a 20-year customer of mine built a massive and very beautiful home which pretty much took most of the view away from Carson. My customers home is also a hot spot for movie companies to use as a set which means when they are filming the dead-end street they are on is a mess.

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