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    Re: IS the breaker off

    Originally posted by Ross Creek View Post
    I've got an amusing "is the breaker off?" story.

    Replacing all the duplex recepticles in an older duplex style house. In the kitchen, had all the breakers off for that area. Changing the plug under the kitchen table, got a zap, hit my head on the table, clunk. Cursed, went down to turn more breakers off. Started again, got another zap, clunk, hit my head on the table again. More cursing. Tired of this game already - turned off the main breaker. Got it now for sure. Dived in there again will all the confidence of a fool and ZAP! CLUNK!
    Turns out, when they built the place, this plug got wired to the other side of the duplex somehow.
    I think it was time to move the table after the first "clunk"
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