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    Re: Close Calls - List yours

    Damn, you must be doing something right!
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      Re: Close Calls - List yours

      one story from the contractor that built my parents house. He and his brother were digging out the cut for the driveway to go into the garage in the basement, the foundation was already poured. as they were digging out the cut they found an immense boulder lying across the driveway. they didn't want to blast as the foundation had just been poured and was still to "soft" so they got the big bulldozer and tried to move it, no luck. then they tried the dynahoe and bulldozer, still no luck. so they brought in the small bulldozer and since there was only two of them they wedged a stick under the throttle, gues what? it moved! and so did the small dozer, it bounced off of two trees and almost flipped before one of them could jump on and stop it!

      I am an airplane mechanic, one night I was putting fuel back into an airplane after some work on a tank. (it was a highwing, a cessna 170) I had spilled some fuel on the floor and of course walked in it. I had just stepped up on the steps installed on the aircraft and lift strut to look into the tank when my feet went out from under me, I feel backwards from about 6 feet up and luckly because it was a taildragger I landed on the main wheel tire which is big and soft. it was the only time I've had the wind knocked out of me from my back, after rolling around trying to get my breath for a few min. all I had was a bad bruise, much better than what would have happened if I hit the concrete.

      another story from aircraft maint. at my trade school there was a poster on the wall, it showed a finger with a ring on it and a few feet of tendon in the picture. turns out the guy jumped down from one area on a plane to another, he slid his hand down the skin to keep his balance, his wedding band caught on a rivet... OUCH!


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        Re: Close Calls - List yours

        missed it by that much.

        during my apprentiship in the 80's, the fire alarm activated at the student res.

        i was with one of the building maintainers and we also responded to the fire call because the auto dialer phoned the gov't emergency phone # as well as the fire department.

        when we entered the building, there was smoke at the 2nd floor.

        Joe, the guy i was with rushed down to the mech. room and i followed him.

        when he opened the door to the, there was alot of smoke. he ran past the smoking steam boiler to the main power switch and shut down the boiler.

        i was hot on his heals.

        we went to the steam boiler and looked at it. the insulation was smoking and the glass viewing window was glowing red hot.

        it was still glowing 15 min. later.

        it was determined that somebody hooked up the elec. wrong.

        thinking about it know, i realize how close i came to getting vapourized.

        what does vince x 1700 = ??



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          Re: Close Calls - List yours

          Trying to go fast and didn't extend my legs on my miter saw stand.

          I was cutting a 12 feet long piece of crown on the flat. and I put a block under the end.

          The piece of trim kicked in the saw the block fell and my finger when up into the saw.

          Cut my finger off because I was beeing a total freaking idiot. Could of been worste if my hand was pushed in the saw.

          Here are pictures of the injury... ( They are graphic )


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            Re: Close Calls - List yours

            DUDE! That is so nasty.

            Thank you for posting as a reminder. I hope you heal soon.



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              Re: Close Calls - List yours

              Originally posted by Tom W View Post
              Not so much of a close call as an actual stupid move. Monday morning the rod busters show up - short handed. I finish using the loader to bring the rod, all 5 and 6 bar, to a pile. The crane still is not set up so the rod has to be carried into the hole for the footers for the dam we are rebuilding. "I'm going to show those laborers how to carry that bar. There is no need to carry only two or three pieces at a time. We gotta get this done." I tell myself.

              Me 62 the laborers in their 20s. I grab a bunch of rod and make a few trips to the footer. Now coffee time. I sit down in the shade with my back against a cool cement block building. BAM my lower back muscles contract. I can't stand up.

              Long story short I scored three percocet and was able to drive the 50 miles home. According to the chiropractor when my muscles contracted the left side of my hip was drawn up 3/4 " higher than my right making my left leg 3/4" shorter. So here I sit with two more two more trips to the chiropractor scheduled. I hope I feel well enough to go back to work on Tuesday.

              Someone's tag line here is: "If your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough." That fits me but I guess I ain't tough enough.
              I did rods from 18-20, they are a young mans game, 60 foot #11's with hooks at 6" broke me.


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                Re: Close Calls - List yours

                My close call was at 17 I was working in a job shop. I needed to bend up some 8' sheets of aluminum for a fuel tank. I go over to the 300ton press brake and set it up so I think. I thought I heard the bottom limit switch click, nope it was something in the shop. I start to bending, hit the pedal like always wating for the switch to click and bring the die up. BOOM, the bottom die blows out and shakes the shop. The onlything that kept me from spilling my guts out all over the floor was a 1/8" lip that holds the bottom die in the bed of the brake. The owner wasn't mad at my $2500 mistake just glad I was ok. Needless to say that was a life lesson I will NEVER forget. Now I always check and re check the set up on all of the machines.


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                  Re: Close Calls - List yours

                  One of Tozz will relate to I think Rt. 2 arlington Mass. J.H. White Const. Hi Way abutment, Steel gang form. Stripping after pour. Have 2 lifting Irons bolted through steel. Standing up about 30 ft top of pour. directing crane operator. Guys left one she bolt into concrete. I see one iron mushroom like plastic! Boom Iron and slings rocket up to jib. one misses My head on the way down and breaks a rib,almost knocking Me off top. Lucky
                  I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                    Re: Close Calls - List yours

                    I was in the hole in the North End on the Dig. New crane operator, I signal him to cable up, he booms down and almost crushes me. You never saw me move so fast on my way down to try and kill him


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                      Re: Close Calls - List yours

                      On my very first house I framed I worked for a cheap bastard who thought safety came second to cost. We where setting a ridge in a foyer it was a 14' triple microlam beam, oh yeah I forgot to mention we were 3 stories up so me and two other buys where standing on a 12" scafolding, it was windy as all hell and the sheer wieght of it was making us and the scaffolding shake back and forth. At the time I was a seventeen year old adrenaline junky who was affraid of nothing but when we were up there you could see the "Oh my ****ing god we are gonna die" look in all of our eyes. Since then Ive had tons of close calls but never any that scared me like that.


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                        Re: Close Calls - List yours

                        Thought I'd bring up some old discussion since the subject came up on another post. Mine was post 14 here.

                        phoebe it is


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                          Re: Close Calls - List yours

                          I was born.

                          Still waiting to see how that pans out.


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                            Re: Close Calls - List yours

                            while working in the shop one of the guys was using an angle grinder to cut off bolts
                            he was putting just a bit too much pressure on the wheel when he cut through it
                            the bolt head shot across the shop and clipped me in the face
                            my safety glasses had to be replaced and i was left with a hell of a shiner but the safety glasses saved my eye sight.

                            as a result of the incident more training was introduced and portable deflector screens were ordered and put to use when grinding
                            shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

                            coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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                              Re: Close Calls - List yours

                              Had a load on a soft sling coming down vertical into a pump well on the hook of the crane. Doggie was busy gobbing on the phone and the sling clipped the side of the concrete and released the pipe. Heavy wall stainless steel seamless pipe. God was watching me that day. What got me in the neck though was the gutless doggie ran around blaming the labourers for slinging the load. Piece of trash wouldn't accept that he was responsible regardless as he allowed someone else to do what he should have done. Also talking on the phone..............!!
                              Wont be a next time because doggie will be extracting it from where the sun doesn't shine


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                                Hi guys, Im new here but I do have a few experiences I have learned from.

                                I run a golf course and do just about anything you can imagine at it. One day we were removing a 40 yr old water oak from one of our golf holes. I had tied a small safety line (first mistake) from the tree to our tractor just to keep pressure on it, not to pull on it. I cut my pie on the side where the tractor was and then starting to cut the backside of this large tree. My operator, which was supposed to do nothing other then sit on the machine with the brake on (my second mistake) saw the tree start to move towards him, which it was supposed to, and decided to take off and pull the tree. Big mistake as it was just wobbling as it was starting to break in the middle. As he pulled on the tree it was much like stretching a rubberband and then the rope popped and sent to three backwards where it finished braking and proceeded to fall on top of me. I wish I could finish this story but that was the extent of my memory until I remember waking up in the hospital x-ray room while they were taking x-rays of my head. Apparently I was able to turn myself into a position where I had just been clipped and now squashed. When I fell the running saw was under me but also in a position that did not cut me. I was told I got back up and walked around in a stupor for about 30-60 minutes before they found someone I would listen to to to go to the hospital. What transpired was they called 911 and had an ambulance come out to where I was at. they checked me out and determined I had a concussion but I flat refused to go to the hospital so much so that the Paramedics left without me. My friend that finally convinced me to go get an x-ray said I was the most stubborn person he ever ran across (just not in those words).
                                So I was completely blessed because out of everything that could of happened I had no marks bumps or bruises (doctors could hardly tell where I had been hit). And I also had no memory of it so even to this day I am not afraid to cut down large trees on our property.

                                One more, when I was in my 20's I had a Honda interceptor 1000 which was the first ever crotch rocket sold from a dealer. one Friday I was going to work and was run off the road three times in 40 miles from people changing into my lane (thank god for shoulders), but on the way home I am taking my time and being extra careful because after that morning I had discovered it was Friday 13th. As I am approaching an over pass I noticed the small car right in front of me, hood flies open. the guy was smart in that he did not panic and only let off the gas to slow down slowly as not to cause an accident. So I pull my clutch in to start slowing down and instictively look in my mirrors and notice a car coming right at me without slowing. I dropped two gears and popped the clutch while going to the right of the car in front of me when I hear the crash of the one that was behind me hitting the one in front of me. I guess I missed being squished by a split second was all. All I can say was I kept going being extra cautious the rest of the way home and did not get back on that bike for two weeks and I never road it on Friday 13th again.