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    working on some clonedo's, that were 3 stories. they had a block party wall between them.
    i was on the third floor and needed to go over to the next unit..3rd floor.
    being a lazy lil SOB. I saw a scaffold outside the balcony door, so i stepped out on the scaffold
    and grabbed a 2x4 that was a support.

    next thing i know. I am laying on the ground with that damn 2x4 in my hand.
    my boss is yelling at me to get the F___ up and stop laying around!!!!
    [[he really did care, just a grumpy ole bast___]]]
    I like it like that !
    and, It's like that now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      getting some make up fluid for our ink jet printers from the cabinet by the shop. and a forklift parked on the ramp had a parking brake cable snap,
      heard it rolling down the ramp and just managed to dodge it.
      later investigation proved it was a faulty cable (inside strands showed signs of earlier breakage and was not visible on the outside)
      drivers are now instructed to avoid parking on the ramp and to turn the steering wheel to the max left or right
      shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

      coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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        Did not happen to me. I saw an electrician bend a 4'' conduit with a power bender, he tried adjusting the bend after wards,
        the pipe slipped, and took his nose OFF..Thank God he was in the parking lot of a hospital. they sewed it back on
        he was ok
        I like it like that !
        and, It's like that now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          In my first years one job in particular comes to mind. Until this happened I've always used a sectional machine . But I just bought my big spartan 1065 . It was chilly out so I was wearing my hoodie. Hit a tough blockage and leaned over the clean out to guide the cable in and the cable snagged my hoodie mid stomach area and wrapped me up real good. I was kneeling on the foot pedal and couldn't get off. Luckily the switch bracket was off because I recently changed it ,and w as able to kick it with my foot to the neutral position


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            Also another time,we were on a re pipe 2 bath,kitchen and laundry . Drain ,waste,vent, water ,and gas. We were running new copper trying to get it around the furnace plenum but had a hard time so we removed the plenum to gain access to the back. What we didn't know was that the electrician was changing out all the receptacles and switchs in the house. So When I Removed the Plenum It Touched the exposed wires on the outlet box and BOOM!!!!The impact shot me half way across the room, and luckily it did or I would of been grounded perfectly and wouldn't be here today.


            • toolaholic
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              I guess He never heard of lockouts !

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            The wire nuts He should have used , Should have been planted up His nose !
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


            • sewermonster85
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              Tool I flipped out on this guy,told him cut all the power . We have generators everywhere y be stupid. You're going to hurt someone. The impact hit me si hard I bit my tounge and damn near bit through it.. I'm 6'4" @285lbs,I cornered him and he darn near crapped his pants. I told him pack his things I called the g.c and he tore him a new one.Never have I seen such lack of respect for your fellow workers health and safety.If the safety guys would have gotten called it would of been messy..Didn't report the incident ,we finished up later that week and no one else had any issues.

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            I had a Dr mix up medical records and give me someone else's prescriptions and I was allergic to it. I even had a discharge care instructions with the wrong name on it and wrong instructions and they had me sign and date it.

            Then they had the nerve to send me a bill for 34.00 the insurance didn't cover.


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              Didn't happen to me but worth listing here:

              Wife came home one day last month and told me her co-worker's husband almost lost an eye while cutting their lawn.
              He was using their riding mower and cutting along the tree line when a small twig of a branch poked him in the eye and a
              piece broke off in his eye. Went to the emergency room and they were able to remove it and his vision is almost back to
              normal after a few weeks.

              I wear safety glasses whenever I'm working in the yard, especially with powered tools or when cutting the lawn with the mower
              as well as wearing ear muffs or ear plugs. All those yard tools, even the cordless powered ones like my 40V trimmer are louder
              than 85dB so you should wear hearing protection.

              I had a good friend whose favorite saying was;

              "You can chew with false teeth, you can walk on a wooden leg,
              but you can't see with a glass eye so wear your safety glasses."
              "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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