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Biggest mess on the Job

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    Re: Biggest mess on the Job

    Bump this old thread....need more mess stories!
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      Re: Biggest mess on the Job

      i wasn't on this job but i would like to share it with you.

      my boss was at the dart club one night.

      his wife was at home when she heard "running water" in the bathroom.

      upon investigating, she saw sewage spilling out of the wc.

      she grabbed a bucket and started scooping buckets of the thick soup and emptying it in to the tub, then she realized the tub was filling up too. she gave up and walked out of the house leaving the front door open so the mixture wouldn't literally fill up the their house. it was running....., sorry, flowing out the front door.

      here's the low down on the stink: the house in question is located at the bottom of a hill with several houses and a apartment block up stream.

      the plastic sewer main collasped juuuuust a little down stream of their sewer connection.

      liquids seek their own level right? in this case, the threshold of the front door was the flood level rim of the fixture. heh,heh.

      want's that smell? pppoooooooo!!!

      it's not code up here yet for a back water valve.

      i wonder how many times this is going to happen before we figure it out.

      we're nice people up here, we're just a little slow on the up-take.

      i love poo


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        Re: Biggest mess on the Job

        I was working on a force main replacement in Ocean City, NJ in the 70's. They sent a town worker to shut down the pump while the old pipe was removed. Needless to say he shut down the wrong pump and when the main was broken it was a sewage thunderstorm. Said "See ya, we'll finish the layout tomorrow." Never found out the extent of the cleanup.


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          Re: Biggest mess on the Job

          was working at a plastics plant and in the break room the was a wall with a kitchen sink on one side and a water fountain on the other. Everybody that dipped or chewed would spit in the water fountain and it eventually plugged up the drain. Well their maint. guys got the bright idea to use an air hose to blow out the clog. Took a rag and wrapped it around the air nozzle and held it over the drain of the fountain, big shot of air and drain cleared, well at least out kitchen sink side. Should of heard Miss prim and proper cuss them out, hit her right in the face, she was wearing a white sun dress with brown spit all over it. Could not of happened to a better person, she was a real be-atch.



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            Re: Biggest mess on the Job

            Called out in the dead of night one winter to a sewer backup in a condo building, a smaller older one, more like an apt building. Get there and there is already 6"-8" of sewage in the basement and even through the water the 2" floor drains are geysering another 6" in the air. Called dispatch to get the san district guys out... they had a blocked main. Took them about 15 min to get there, by which time it had come up another foot.

            The whole basement was plywood storage lockoffs for the residents, except for the area where the boilers were starting to swim. Don't know if they got the boilers working again in time to keep the building from freezing as I bugged out once the city guys arrived.
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